BIGBANG Reveals 'D' Tracklist

Source: XSports News via Naver

1. [+393, -13] Wow, the album colour is green and very summer-like. I want to listen to July singles 'If You' and 'Sober' already

2. [+301, -13] Ooooh, anticipating this!!

3. [+287, -13] Ya!!!!!! It's BIGBANG!!!!!! GodBang!!!!!!

4. [+254, -12] Anticipating and supporting them~

5. [+246, -11] GodBangAnticipating it, let July's album have a long run too@!!!!

6. [+65, -4] From a male's perspective, I acknowledge BIGBANG

7. [+62, -2] May and June singles had long runs, hoping the same for July!! One more day left.

8. [+57, -1] Ah...this is exciting..I want to hear these songs quickly!!! Anticipating 'Sober'~~~

9. [+55, -1] Really anticipating it!!!!!!!!!!



mariave said...

as much as i anticipate their new songs..i drag on future fandom fight, scandal, problem they gonna put into, wtv..bring more media into bigbang..come at us bruuh..we have survive the last 2 month, xD

commedesfuckdown said...

SNSD is coming back. Prepare for the bloody fight lol

commedesfuckdown said...

Exactly. At least we had an advantage over EXO fans for being an older fandom. With sones, we cannot pull that card lol Seriously though, we can't let our boys down. We whined for this comeback for three years. They need to win!!!

amandha said...

Leggo VIps..!!

kwonpearlee said...

We're almost there, VIPs!! New songs + MVs days from now. Loveyou BIGBANG <3

HA said...

i'm so excited ..

Jussy McCarthy said...

Can we just not anticipate fandom fights, if the others want to be uncouth and misbehave, let them but it would be great if VIPs are aloof to it because it's reflecting badly on our fandom when fans sink as low as others. Just be Positive on the success, work hard in helping and enjoy it in the domains and articles about BigBang without rubbing it in others faces- that way they won't have things to hold against VIPs or BigBang.

Of course if the other fandoms start rumours and lies than /cooly' rebuke and correct them with logical and manners.

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