Big Bang wins #1 on M-Countdown with 'Sober'

Source: Xsportnews via Naver

1. [+6619, -455]  #1 without appearing on the broadcast!  Congrats

2. [+5126, -373]  Oh!!  Congrats, as expected of Big Bang

3. [+4358, -339]  That's so incredible, wow Big Bang

4. [+4035, -378]  Finally.  Big Bang's getting the spot light!  Congrats~ my loves

5. [+1495, -145]  They released it on July 1st so that one had 0 points but they still got first place~

6. [+591, -47]  Wow congrats Big Bang!  Can't believe they got #1 with YG's sh*tty promotion tactics plus not appearing on the broadcast due to their schedules!!!  Seriously, congrats!  Their schedule looks tough so I hope they take care of their health!

7. [+546, -45]  They live up to their name

8. [+516, -52]  Sistar fan here but congrats to Big Bang for their #1!  Love 'If You' and 'Sober'~



Jessica said...

Still won with no promotion and without physical album for this week 💅

Sushi said...

Credit to @ KayJayA7X on NB
Found a really funny quote on Twitter:

Other groups: Promotions, promotions and more promotions.
BIGBANG: Chilling in Paris, yatching in Thailand, filming in Japan.

For real

jaein25 said...

I just want to know, Do they really not perform in music shows for D at all?

bb8534 said...

They aren't going to perform in music show for the rest of the whole series, I guess

Arguable said...

I mean do you blame them for not appearing on music show I mean at this point it is pretty clear they don't about thode music show I mean after the drama that happens each time they appear on one of them thus way is great and they are free from drama so yeah

Riririr said...

Since Bigbang won't perform for entire Sober promotion, could BTOB win next week?
I mean BTOB album sales is no.1 this week :/

nana said...

I really didn't expect them to win since they didn't come to mcountdown. So happy to see them won! Let's work more harder VIP💜💜💜

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