Nam Taehyun to play the lead in upcoming Korean-Chinese drama

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+175, -25]  I miss 'singer' Nam Taehyun

2. [+150, -16]  Can't they let the kids make a comeback while they're trying to push the kids into acting?  They're rookies who have already passed 1 year since their last comeback.  Isn't that too much even if they are from YG?  ㅜㅜ  Yang CEO, you're just letting them get older...

3. [+178, -64]  Hope he shows good, natural acting like in his past web drama

4. [+130, -55]  Fighting Nam Taehyun, you can do it

5. [+69, -6]  This is great and all but is Winner not going to have a comeback?  Don't they have a Japanese tour?  Why are they rushing to push them into foreign countries...

6. [+78, -34]  Hope you'll show a good side~ 

7. [+116, -73]  Remember "Midnight Diner" hahahaha ^.~

8. [+71, -29]  Taehyun, fighting.  You'll do well

9. [+73, -32]  Apart from that one scene, this kid doesn't deserve the ridicule he's getting.  Seems like people just want to hate on him

10. [+66, -25]  Taehyun, don't push yourself too hard and just naturally show what you've got.  Good luck and I'll support you



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