Big Bang wins #1 on Music Core

Source: Xsportnews via Naver

1. [+3744, -285]  Congrats on the number one with Let's Not Fall In Love~ do well

2. [+3191, -264]  Big Bang, congrats on getting #1~~

3. [+2977, -270]  Big Bang's songs are so good

4. [+2677, -234]  Congrats Big Bang~~~♥♥♥

5. [+2596, -313]  As expected of GodBang ㅠ they don't even have to be there!

6. [+550, -58]  Congrats on getting #1 on Music Core, Big Bang.  Both Wonder Girls and Shinee's stages were very cool today too, you all worked hard.  It hasn't been four days since but Big Bang's scores are already super high.  I wasn't expecting much since the scores on Music Bank yesterday were low.  But because Music Core bases on Gaon Chart, I think Big Bang was able to win #1 due to them being #1 on Gaon.  The physical album is being sold this week too so I didn't expect much from that but wow~ their Youtube views are a wall you can't climb.  I'm guessing Big Bang will be a strong contender for Inkigayo too.  VIPs you've worked hard with voting~ let's do the same for Inkigayo tomorrow

7. [+487, -62]  Their album points weren't even included but wow Big Bang's class ㄷㄷ but why's YG making up Big Bang's records, the Chengdu concert had 40,000 audience members

8. [+462, -47]  Shawol here ㅎㅎ congrats on first place Big Bang ^^

9. [+425, -52]  Wow, they won even without the physical album points

10. [+390, -32]  All three teams were awesome~ congrats Big Bang :)



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