Big Bang wraps up Chengdu concert with 30,000 fans in attendance

Source: Ten Asia via Naver

1. [+3872, -95]  GD's going to faint from overexertion at this rate

2. [+3111, -145]  That's incredible.. they're no longer singers that just simply sing and dance.. each of them are artists that express their own individuality.  Enjoy the rest of the world tour and stay healthy while doing so! ^^

3. [+2269, -91]  As expected of God~~~Bang.  Fighting to my artists!!!!

4. [+2172, -77]  GodBang proves their class

5. [+2092, -63]  Before this the approximate scale would be around 10,000 but here there's 30,000.  Their popularity in China must be incredible.  Big Bang fighting~

6. [+452, -10]  Big Bang's five members mysteriously have such great chemistry with each other... maybe it's because all of them can do so well even when they're solo.  When you look at them separately, it seems like they won't match with each other but when you do put them together... it's GodBang ㄷㄷ Wishing you guys more success

7. [+453, -14]  With Kwon Jiyong's push, they're a one and only group where each member does an amazing job with their individual roles

8. [+449, -13]  G-Dragon went all the way to China right after the Infinity Challenge festival....??  They should let him rest

9. [+432, -12]  Yang CEO's class of lying when he said he'd let them do some Korean promotionsㅡㅡ It's amazing that Big Bang hasn't fainted yet...

10. [+362, -6]  As expected of Big Bang.  No matter how popular some other boy groups get, if we're talking about style or music, it's still only Big Bang with the most amazing ability



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