[Pann] 2NE1 Minzy's recent photos

1. [+38, 0]  She can sing well, she has a good vocal colour, and she's a great dancer.  There's no reason for her to be getting hate at all and yet..?  People who throw hate at her because of how she looks make me angry.  Also, she's not trying to appeal to people by looking more feminine...have you ever thought that I don't know, maybe, she just actually likes dressing that way?

2. [+30, 0]  If you look at Minzy's SNS, she seems to be enjoying herself and doing things she's always wanted to do.  With no promotions, she's in the US taking dance classes, going on vacation... 2NE1 members are working on their individual things right now.  Dara's working on acting and CL's preparing for her US promotion...  I hope they get to do all that they want and succeed in their endeavours then come meet us again as 2NE1 with a great song.

3. [+26, -1]  I think Gong Minzy gets hidden behind the other members but...she's a really great singer ㅜㅜ There's been a lot of bad news before but I hope she gets to become more popular now

4. [+10, -21]  She still looks ugly though

4. [+7, -1]  She's very talented but I feel bad that she gets hate for her looksㅠㅠ

5. [+6, 0]  Minzy's one of those types that get prettier when they mature.  I bet she'll look prettier in her early-mid 20's.  Everyone knows she's a great singer... plus every person gets to a certain age when they're the prettiest.  I'm disgusted by those people on the internet that say Minzy's ugly 

6. [+6, 0]  She just looks like Gong Minzy who lost a little fat and got her nose fixed.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I wonder what she's doing nowadays?  Doesn't it seem like YG's not taking care of her enough??

7. [+3, 0]  Gong Minzy attends school regularly too!!!

8. [+3, 0]  She dances well, sings well, but YG doesn't push her enough... she's a really good singer too.  YG doesn't even let her do any collaborations

9. [+3, 0] Wow.. she's changed a lot.  I wouldn't have recognized her 

10. [+2, 01]  I have no patience for people who hate based on looks 



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