G-Dragon's fan club makes donation towards treatment of ALS

Article: G-Dragon's fan club makes a donation in celebration for his birthday
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+2414, -187]  Don't fans usually send endless gifts and letters for their idol's birthday?  VIP's really seem like a well-mannered fandom.

2. [+1934, -67]  Wow... that's honestly awesome

3. [+1801, -63]  So cool of GD and the fans themselves

4. [+1713, -53]  Every year the fans are so incredible~ it's a nice tradition to keep

5. [+1440, -42]  I'm looking forward to this week's MuDo fighting!!!!!!

6. [+291, -22]  Wow the fans are donating for GD.  As expected the artist and the fans themselves have such good character

7. [+279, -16]  880818 GD happy birhtday!! Thank you for being born

8. [+274, -15]  GD's fans also have their own standard.  This kind of act needs to be praised~



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