Big Bang postpones September album to give members time to rest

Article: Big Bang postpones September album.. 'Need time to recharge'
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+13,193, -441]  Yeah it must be really difficult.. rest for a bit and then let us listen to your great music♡♡

2. [+12,325, -435]  Big Bang deserves to rest... they've pushed so hard... it must've been tiring

3. [+9185, -377]  It's okay, come back to us with good music

4. [+8370, -383]  The songs will still be amazing even if you rest for a bit~~~ Big Bang will always be the best~~

5. [+7419, -340]  It's too bad but I can wait knowing that they'll come back with even better songs ㅎㅎ

6. [+877, -33]  They honestly look so busy.  It's almost like they have clones running around for them to finish schedules.  This is a group that needs a well-deserved break for their health

7. [+865, -65]  They've really been working so hard... especially GD

8. [+743, -38]  I have been thinking that they need to take a break ㅠㅠ  Come back after recharging, and happy birthday



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