[Instiz] Five albums we're all waiting for YG to release

1. Daesung's Korean solo album

2. Minzy's solo album

3. Lee Hi's comeback album

4. iKON's debut album

5. Winner's comeback album

[1] #3.... honestly, I'd like to at least hear Lee Hi's voice

[2] What about Youngbae's repackage?  And when will we ever get Daesung's solo album?

[3] I don't understand this company's weird plans... other people are making a comeback twice a year. Ah seriously

[4] Don't forget Akdong Musician

[5] Let Lee Hi out!!!!! Please!!

[6] Yang CEO, you look at Instiz too right, so please read this c'mon!!!!!!!!!!  Give me Lee Hiiiiiiii! Stop keeping them for yourself

[7] Those are albums that would earn a lot of money too.

[8] Honestly, my Daesung's songs!!! I can't even follow along because it's in Japanese, ah why!!!!   I don't usually buy the Japanese albums but I bought Daesung's.ㅠㅠ  Please at least let him release a solo Korean album ㅠㅠ

[9] What about a TOP solo!

[10] YG, don't just open your mouth and actually keep your promises~



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