[Instiz] YG trainee Kim Jisoo films CF for 'Angel Stone'

Source: Instiz

[1] "Oh so this was Kim Jisoo!  She's very pretty but I found the game concept so cheesy I laughed with my friend"

[2] "She hasn't even debuted yet...pretty amazing"

[3] "She's pretty.. YG, please just debut them already"

[4] "Ah I find her so pretty"

[5] "She appeared in the Hi Suhyun video too, right?"

Source: Instiz

[1] "Whenever I see her, I always think she looks like Yewon"

[2] "Kim Jisoo's done everything before debuting"

[3] "I kind of see Naeun in her"

[4] "This concept suits her well"

Source: Instiz

[1] "Heol, she's pretty, totally my style"

[2] "So when's she debuting?"

[3] "She has a neat, pretty look to her"

[4] "I can't imagine her singing"

[5] "I have a feeling she'll go into acting when she debuts"

[6] "I always see Yewon + Tang Wei in her"

[7] "YG, can you just release Jisoo already?"



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