Kang Seungyoon and Sandara Park win best actor and actress at K-Web Fest awards

1. [+131, 0]  I saw 'We Broke Up' on TV and Kang Seungyoon did great in his acting.  The OST sounded good too so I went online and tried to look for it but I guess it hasn't been released?  Anyway, congrats and please give us the OST

2. [+125, 0]  Kang Seungyoon~~~~  Congrats on the best actor award

3. [+119, -0]  Seungyoon did well.  His singing is already a 'wall' but now even his acting~ ㅋㅋ Congrats congrats

4. [+114, 0]  Congrats on the best actor award!  I loved your acting and be sure to meet us again in another role!

5. [+82, 0]  Congrats Kang Seungyoon.  His acting was so good, it made you genuinely feel his emotion.  I'm anticipating his future work~ cheers

6. [+79, 0]  Isn't it time to at least release the OST... 

7. [+63, 0]  Going to miss Ji Won Young.  You did a great job, Kang Seungyoon.  Hope web drama contents will develop even further.

8. [+59, 0]  I'm still waiting for the OST and the busking event!  Let's see you on public broadcast next time!

9. [+54, 0]  Dara unnie, Seungyoon oppa, congratulations!



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