iKON Releases Teaser For 'Apology'

Article: iKON reveals new title song 'APOLOGY'.."Daebak song to surpass 'My Type'"
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2605, -696] Why's the title like that... It's cheesy, why'd they pick that one... when has 'JiMotMi' ever been hip?... might as well have gone with 'So Sad'
(T/N: 'JiMotMi' is an abbreviation for 'Sorry, I couldn't protect you'.  Usually some fans use it when for example an idol gets their picture taken and it comes out weird, this is a time where a fan could say 'JiMotMi', 'Sorry, I couldn't protect you.')

2. [+1811, -634] It sounds like it will be decent..

3. [+1175, -554] Anticipating a song that is 'My Type' level ㅎㅎ Hit daebak

4. [+921, -461] Really excited for iKON's new song

5. [+802, -400] 5 more days left ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Totally anticipating it!

6. [+375, -123] They finally released a teaser for the title huh.. Anticipating iKON!! Please promote in Korea

7. [+393, -141] Hul, the group song is out~ iKON, do great!!!!!

8. [+371. -119] Seriously, hit daebak with this and ANTHEM!!

9. [+375, -124] iKON fighting  Anticipating Apology!!

10. [+383, -132] Woah!!!!! It looks so good. iKON hit daebak. I love you, YG.!!!!!!!



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