[Instiz] YG Entertainment's hiring

YG Entertainment's hiring

  • Graphic Designer (Req: 3+ years experience)
  • Channel Manager/Operator (Req: 3+ years experience)
  • Public Relations Agent (New recruit or experienced; Req: Major in related field, fluent in English)
Process: Screening test of qualifications > Interview with an executive member > Personality test > Interview with head director > Final interview/cut (More info of process

Instiz: YG Entertainment's hiring... accepting applications until the 28th

[1] Before any of that, maybe they should hire a font designer first...ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

[2] Change up the design team first

[3] Yeah that's right, hire people so you can get work done... pick a lot of designers!

[4] What do I have to do to get a job at YG's cafeteria... I just want to eat their food

[5] Get some work done okay.... ㅜ

[6] They hire new people every year but why isn't anything getting done

[7] I wish I could do their public promotions for them

[8] Can they hire someone who understands the fans' hearts?

[9] Let's first develop the planning team........let's keep our plans for the year just this once

[10] I wanna go into the promotion team.  Bet I could media play better than Yang Hyun Suk



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