[Instiz] G-Dragon copies Taeyeon

Instiz: G-Dragon copying Taeyeon (Warning: heart-fluttering)

[1] Died from the cuteness

[2] Taeyeon looks like a fairy and I'm getting butterflies from GD

[3] Hul my heart

[4] My height's 160cm... please pick a nice coffin for me

[5] Are the two of them close?  Just curious

[6] Oak coffin for me please

[7] I don't know why but my heart's fluttering

[8] Getting butterflies....... as for me, the only time a guy would smile after looking at me is 'cus I look funny... in a bad way

[9] JiHaengSeol (tn: everything Jiyong does makes my heart flutter)

[10] Jiyong-ah are you trying to kill me with your cuteness, both of them are adorable



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