Sandara Park shares a photo with Lee Soohyun and Lee Hi

Article: Sandara Park's babyface beauty, looks younger than Lee Hi and Lee Soo Hyun
Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+172, -5]  Sandara Park's pretty... so pretty

2. [+174, -7]  Lee Hi, let's make a comeback, yeah?

3. [+139, -6]  How is Sandara Park looking younger and younger

4. [+80, -3]  I wonder if they're all preparing for an album....

5. [+72, -3]  I want to see Lee Hi's all black hair properly..

6. [+51, -3]  It'd be so nice if any one from the three of them would make a comeback already.  Especially Lee Hi

7. [+29, 0]  Just try to do something about Park Bom... even Gong Minzy got prettier after cosmetic surgery.  Hers is just right

8. [+23, 0]  When will I be able to listen to a new Lee Hi song?

9. [+25, -1]  Oh look it's the people without a comeback



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