Masta Wu leaves YG to establish own label

Article: Masta Wu leaves YG's arms... to establish own label
Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+37, -4]  He's not popular.  Except for his debut song in the early days, he hasn't had a hit song at all.

2. [+12, 0]  It's not easy to establish your own company and succeed though ㅠㅠㅠㅠ  Was it not possible for him to make it while still being in YG.... makes me think of how tough it is these days... but I'm still rooting him on, fighting Masta Wu!!

3. [+10, 0]  Become a producer and scout some of the kids that'll go on Show Me The Money

4. [+18, -4]  So will the YG team on the next SMTM be Tablo and GD...

5. [+1, 0]  I don't remember anything from him except for his featuring with Wheesung

6. [+0, 0]  He doesn't really have the skill or popularity to be a judge on SMTM.  He's at the level of Heo In Chang at most

7. [+4, -2]  I never thought he was that good at rapping..

8. [+3, -2]  That's no no



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