[Pann] Idol that didn't know his comeback was approaching

Winner's teaser that was released on 01/07
Winner's comeback that will begin with an entry single on the 11th.

YG's promotion of Winner is as slow as a turtle but they've released information on the entry single.
A duet song by Nam Taehyun and Song Mino and composed by Mino himself.  Mino drew the teaser photo himself too which is awesome!

They also released info. on an upcoming V-app show.  Look at the pictures, they're all so pretty. 

Of course, the Winner members themselves started to upload these photos on their Instagram.  Only Taehyun and Seunghoon were sleeping on it. (Seunghoon doesn't update very often.  We're waiting for you Maetamong.)

Taehyun was filming for tvN's variety show Actor School.
Inner Circles were wondering if his phone got confiscated or something.

He uploaded this selca before the show:

After the filming, Taehyun uploaded another selca and then started to write comments.
It was only now that he was checking what came out ㅋㅋㅋ

On Seungyoon's photo of Winner's comeback teaser:
Taehyun: "Ah... we've come out with something"

Taehyun: "Is this our teaser too?"

Taehyun: "..Oh?  Pricked's coming out too.. ^^"

 He's only found out about V-app yesterdayㅋㅋㅋㅋ I bet his eyes got this wide, so adorable ㅋ
If you think about it, YG's plans are such nonsense.  Makes me mad that even their artists themselves don't know

After a year and five months, let's make this comeback daebak.  To all the Inner Circles that waited, you've worked hard.

Source: Pann

1. [+62, 0]  After settling things, here's his uploaded full blonde selca

2. [+55, -2]  This is Namtae's awesomeness

3. [+54, 0]  So freaking adorable

4. [+31, 0]  So excited with Winner's comeback

5. [+21, 0]  He's like a little kid

6. [+19, 0]  It must've been cold.  Maknae, you've worked hard at the actor school

7. [+19, 0]  Blonde hair

8. [+18, 0]  My heart stopped

9. [+17, 0]  Please watch over him prettily

10. [+15, 0]  This is so true
"Upgrade" "This is already the best qualifications."

11. [+13, 0]  Will I finally be able to see this

12. [+12, 0]  My type...bang

13. [+12, 0] Aha~

14. [+11, 0]  We told Yang Hyun Suk to stop his media play but now he's really not doing any promoting at all... in the end, the Inner Circles themselves have to use their power to get it to the main page.  Inner Circles are the only ones there to protect Winner!!

15. [+11, 0]  Kya~ha



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