[Pann] Idols that make their own choreography

(tn: Omitting some parts that aren't about YG artists.)

1. Winner's Lee Seunghoon
He made up his team's choreography for the survival team 'WIN'.
Seunghoon personally created the choreo. for Empty, Don't Flirt, and other Winner dances.
I've known Lee Seunghoon since K-pop Star and he's definitely talented in dance...
Also, the meaning behind his choreography for WIN's final battle to the song 'Don't Stop The Music' is daebak.
If you have time, make sure to watch that performance.  To be honest, I liked the second dance battle better but if we're talking about the whole story behind the dance, the final stage was seriously daebak. 

"Yang Hyun Suk: His skill in choreography and expression of a stage is extraordinary compared to other people."
Yang Hyun Suk himself admitted it.

2. Seventeen Hoshi

3. iKON B.I
During WIN, if Team A had Seunghoon then Team B had B.I.
He received compliments from Park Jin Young as well during the second battle and they were always praised for their dancing.  I'm not sure if their choreography for their current songs right now are choreographed by them personally but they've proven their skill through WIN.  But B.I's seriously all-powerful.  He writes songs well and he can dance too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Good!

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1. [+164, -28]  Hoshi's thought of a choreography while getting tissue once.  He's still young but he's really incredible.  I'm really looking forward to what he'll come up with next.  His dances have a special wit to it that make it more fresh ㅋㅋ Also if it comes to choreo., isn't B.I famous for it too?  I was amazed when I watched WIN and Mix & Match
(tn: B.I wasn't previously added in the original post and OP added after some comments mentioned it.)

2. [+137, -51]  Choreography, composing, writing lyrics, producing albums... B.I must be working so hard doing all of these

3. [+131, -26]  Lee Seunghoon!!  He comes up with great dances and he's so loveable 

4. [+74, -2]  I don't think there's any other idols except these three that make their own choreography.  I've never seen anyone else but them.  Rookies these days are pretty incredible, eh?

5. [+70, -4]  Loveable Lee Aru.  Don't Stop The Music shocks me every time

6. [+63, -52]  Didn't Team B get caught using foreign choreography?

7. [+58, -3]  Famous singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum himself watched Lee Seunghoon's Don't Stop The Music video and said he wanted to collaborate! ㅋ

8. [+57, -2]  What's more amazing is the groups mentioned in this post also compose their own songs... ㅋㅋ

9. [+49, -3]  Don't Stop The Music ㅠㅠ

10. [+49, -2]  Don't Stop The Music was seriously such a legend.  It was the first time in my life that I had a dance fill my heart with such emotion.

11. [+48, -14]  B.I's really incredible for composing, writing lyrics, and even organizing dances for 9 people on Mix & Match.  He's also one of the best dancers... he's so talented

12. [+42, -13]  The iKON members all said that when they were trainees B.I would make and plan out the dances!  They called the piece of paper with the dance plan a 'treasure map' and would compliment B.I saying they couldn't practice without it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So incredible

13. [+39, -12]  Their hat performance was really cool



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