Producers, stylists, and more industry insiders praise G-Dragon

Article mentions Jo Young Nam (singer, artist, broadcaster), Im Baekchun (broadcaster, radio 7080 host), Kwon Suk (MBC PD), Jo Jinhyun (Director of Korean singer-songwriter association), and Han Hyeyeon (stylist for Lee Hyori, Rain, Kim Taehee.)  All of them praised G-Dragon calling him "a trend-setter", "idol's icon", "top of the Korean pop music pyramid", "an A-list celebrity" and more.  

Article: The 'G-Dragon' that industry insiders speak of
Source: Weekly Joseon via Naver

1. [+758, -25]  I love you GD ㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+615, -32]  My artist makes me proud

3. [+551, -21]  Hoping for more success to come your way!!  GD, you're the best!!

4. [+544, -41]  As expected, he's our country's living treasure~^^  Let's all protect him~!!

5. [+451, -18]  Ohohohoho proud of Big Bang

6. [+108, -4]  Looks like GD's much more incredible than I thought

7. [+114, -7]  I'm from Seo Taeji's generation too but G-Dragon is special to me.  He has everything that makes a superstar!

8. [+100, -3]  GDproud of you ㅎㅎ

9. [+98, -3]  He's so awesome

10. [+92, -3]  Wow.... he's at such a high rank

11. [+93, -4]  He's someone that makes me proud to be from this country~!

12. [+87, -4]  GD's who he is now because of the skills he was born with and because of how insanely hard he's worked to get to this point.  I hope he continues to make us happy with his love for music even when he becomes a grandpa...



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