The Black Skirts releases new song 'Everything'

Source: Naver Music

1. [+71, -3]  A song that can make two people fall in love as they listen to it lying down together watching the sunset with the lights off in the deep afternoon
- The problem is I have no woman to listen to it with
- I don't have a man to listen to this song with either
- ^ The two of you should go listen to it together
- ^ ㅋㅋ You two should go and date!!

2. [+15, -1]  High Ground's becoming more and more of a monster label.  From recruiting Hyuk Oh to Code Kunst and now The Black Skirts... it hasn't even been a year since they started but their level is already scary;

3. [+11, -1]  I think Jo Hyuil (The Black Skirts) is greatly in love.  He perfectly captures the feelings of those in love starting from the heart-fluttering 'Hollywood' to 'Everything'.  Even my own heart's fluttering.

Video: MV The Black Skirts - Everything
Source: Naver TV Cast

1. [+13, -1]  It's a song definitely by Jo Holiday.

2. [+8, -1]  It has a feeling of pop songs in the past and is really relaxing to listen to.  Some might dislike it but it's a song that's great to listen to especially on a trip

3. [+7, -1]  It was so daebak when the chair came down from heaven... as expected... I really like it.

4. [+7, 0]  Fi.na.lly

5. [+6, 0]  Alright, now let's get the 3rd album...!

6. [+5, 0]  Ah....it's so good....

7. [+5, 0]  It's been a while since I've been touched by something like this..

8. [+3, 0]  From the second it started, I knew this was exactly my type of song



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