GD catches media attention from foreign outlets at Chanel fashion show

Article: GD shakes up the Chanel Fashion show.. catches media attention from New York Times plus other foreign outlets
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+8219, -274]  He's definitely something else.  Incredible

2. [+6972, -308]  They don't even treat Asians well in the fashion world.  GD's really amazing.  The reason why you can't say this is media play is because in the fashion business, they don't release articles about Asians like this.

3. [+4992, -244]  He's really on a different level... no joke

4. [+3776, -205]  As expected of GD, he's seriously awesome...

5. [+3445, -166]  Freaking amazing.... GD's on a whole different scale

6. [+792, -25]  GD's the only celebrity in Korea who's gone to Chanel 6 times and has always been invited each time

7. [+767, -55]  Seriously... I don't think Koreans here understand just how popular Kwon Jiyong is in the fashion industry...

8. [+648, -44]  TOP's the Korean representative at Dior and GD at Chanel.  Proud to be a Big Bang fan

9. [+562, -28]  It's not even surprising for him to be invited to Chanel.  TOP received an invitation to Dior this time too

10. [+558, -28]  TOP at Dior and GD's 6th time at Chanel's with an invite from the designer... seriously daebak



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