[Instiz] YG's not making use of Kim Jinwoo's visuals?

"He's not human...

YG, why aren't you using Kim Jinwoo's visuals?"

Post: YG who isn't making use of their beautiful deer visual 
Source: Instiz

[1] His gaze look so soft

[2] Wow, he's a freaking gem, seriously

[3] Let's keep our thoughts clean..........

[4] I'm honestly in a state of shock right now.  He's so pretty

[5] He's in YG but reminds me of SM's ideal type

[6] He's 26 years old, the oldest hyung.  I know, he seems like the youngest really

[7] I suddenly remembered what Daesung said about why he adores Jinwoo.  He said that Jinwoo could survive with his face even without doing anything and yet Jinwoo still works so hard~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're both adorable

[8] I can't stop looking at the photos.  He's so damn handsome

[9] Stay calm, stay calm.  Good thoughts, good thoughts...

[10] Honestly...everyone, Jinwoo in real life is even more handsome

[11] He doesn't seem human wow

[12] I'm a girl but I want to look like him

[13] Wish Jinwoo would be active more on broadcasts ㅠㅠ I bet the public will eat him right up if he gets exposed more 



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