Which variety shows should Winner go on?

Article suggests three variety shows Winner should go on for this promotion cycle - Weekly Idol, Running Man, Please Take Care of My Refrigerator

Article: Please scout Winner... three show recommendations [Winner Comeback (3)]
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+93, -9]  The Winner members seem like they'd do well on variety shows.  I hope they go on a lot this promotion cycle...

2. [+72, -3]  Winner has great variety sense.  Why can't YG put it to use?

3. [+72, -4]  They haven't gone on enough shows at all.  After debut, they've been on music shows 10 times and on a variety show once.  As for public channels, they were only on Mnet and SBS.  There hasn't been a rookie group promoted like this.  As a request, I hope during this promotion cycle, they will be active on a lot of broadcasts.  Let them go on those shows plus 'Happy Together' which the members want to be on.

4. [+64, -3]  I'd like for them to be on Infinity Challenge, Weekly Idol, and Running Man.  Please come out a lot~

5. [+62, -3]  Please, please go on all music and variety shows......... Winner........

6. [+20, 0]  I stopped in my tracks right when I saw their 'Don't Flirt' stage.  They're kids that will definitely get more popular the more you expose them on broadcast.

7. [+20, 0]  Seriously, the kids are so funny and lively but only their fans know about it... please be active this time ㅜ

8. [+24, -3]  They have good chemistry with Hyung Don... I've watched all of Weekly Idol and Winner's episode was really funny.  Seriously, it was legendary.  ㅋ Later when Hyung Don comes back, make sure to go on it again...

9. [+26, -4]  I like this type of article.  You know the fans' hearts.

10. [+19, -2]  I'm good with anything but more than that, I hope they attend all music broadcasts and also Sketchbook~



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