Fans disappointed over cancellation of Big Bang's guerrilla concert

Article: YG 'Big Bang's guerrilla concert cancelled" 
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+7523, -111]  Should've just kept it a secret, this is too much seriously

2. [+6289, -138]  The reporters are the main problem.  We should have a policy to prevent them from releasing spoilers

3. [+3827, -124]  Wow... I was so excited for it too... Geez...

4. [+3426, -139]  Why not at least hold a fan meeting for official fans?

5. [+3357, -131]  Ha...... There's so many problems that spout from people who can't close their mouths.  The older fans like me aren't fast enough to score a ticket either with the speed younger fans have these days ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So I was looking forward to at least going to this guerrilla concert... I've only been to one YG family concert in their early years.. ㅜㅜ Starting off my Monday disappointed!!!!

6. [+483, -10]  You (reporters) haven't learned from Infinity Challenge?  You did it again?

7. [+406, -13]  They ruined Sechs Kies guerrilla concert.. now Big Bang's... I get that they're after an exclusive scoop but if you reveal the details of a guerrilla concert to the public... then it's not a guerrilla concert anymore is it?  There's also people saying that YG should just change the date of the concert but... do you think that Big Bang doesn't have any other schedules??  They have a lot of other things on their plate... they need at least 10 bodies for the schedules they have... Sechs Kies' was ruined too.  You reporters should just go and camp out on celebrities' Instagrams and feed off of that.  You never know, you guys might find another Choiza-Sulli type of relationship you can make a scoop out of or something.

8. [+352, -14]  Well what would you expect from reporters~  From Infinity Challenge to Big Bang... great job guys!

9. [+290, -7]  Ah.... I want to see Big Bang... damn it...

Article: Big Bang, an even more unfortunate reason to guerrilla concert cancellation
Source: Sports Josun via Naver

1. [+3112, -84]  Just have a concert here for Korean fans as well as a national tour and fan meeting.  I know they're of a really high class to be doing national tours but isn't it time for them to go on smaller stages to communicate with fans?

2. [+2474, -54]  Please think about the Korean fans too.. ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+2356, -136]  Is YG seriously crazy?  They're the ones who made articles so why the cancellation over it being revealed!  Do you see fans as pushovers??  I know that OSEN = YG officials so were they planning not to do the concert at all from the start??  Let Big Bang go, please!!

4. [+1888, -78]  Doesn't make sense from someone who makes money off of Big Bang

5. [+1872, -118]  Pretending like it got cancelled when it seems like they weren't going to do it from the start...

6. [+351, -6]  PSY managed to do fine with a guerrilla concert that gathered 100,000 people though?

7. [+358, -10]  Once they enlist soon, we're not going to see the five of them together for a long time.  That's why we want them to at least promote and hold one fan meeting here in Korea before that happens.  Yet overseas they're made to hold so many fan meetings ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know that the money they make overseas is incomparable to here but Big Bang is a Korean group and they were able to become this big from winning over their Korean fans.  I honestly don't think it's right to be swayed by the money.

8. [+364, -14]  Do you guys think you'd be called one of the Big Three if not for Big Bang... let's treat Big Bang well...

9. [+292, -5]  Please think of the Korean VIPs too... So frustrating...



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