[Instiz] One reason why celebrities want to sign with YG Entertainment

"When Yang Hyun Suk heard that Bobby won SMTM3, he told management not to take a cent from the prize money and give all of the 100 million won to Bobby.  While Yang Hyun Suk is strict when he trains Bobby, he has always been aware of his family's difficult financial situation [...]" 

Others haven't been able to earn much even after working for years.

Post: A reason why celebrities want to go to YG
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[1] YG is very loyal

[2] The fact that they get allowance money as trainees too... YG handles money pretty well.

[3] At least he does something right

[4] When it comes to these things, YG is the best

[5] Large companies pay their artists pretty well but smaller companies... their artists don't get paid until they pay off the investments the company made on them when they were trainees...

[6] They're a great company to artists ... but not to fans ...

[7] I'm seeing YG in a new light

[8] I heard that YG goes by 10% to company and 90% to the artists.  If you compare them with other companies, they don't have a lot of financial conflicts

[9] If they would only schedule and promote comebacks well, they'd be a good company.  There's some downfalls to them but if you overlook that, they're actually a great agency

[10] What I like about YG is that they seem to treat their artists as people and not like products



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