Sandara Park and Jung Ilwoo meet up in Thailand


Article: Jung Ilwoo - Sandara Park "Not dating, of course~"... Close friends' Thailand Meeting
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+869, -48]  Sandara Park really doesn't age ㄷㄷ Just by looking at her face, I'd believe it if you told me she debuted just recently

2. [+679, -117]  People say that men and women can't be friends but it's possible if the guy has no feelings for the girl.  A girl who likes a guy who has no feelings for her can't help but still like him because in her position, she just wants him to reciprocate her feelings.  On the other hand, if a guy likes a girl who has no feelings for him, as long as he keeps taking good care of her and showering her with love, at one point or another she'll start to like him too.  Friendship between a guy and a girl is only possible if the guy doesn't like the girl.
- There are just some guys that some girls won't like no matter what they do.  What are you doing trying to generalize that all women will fall for a man as long as they treat her right?
- But I don't think Sandara Park will fall just like that no matter how well the guy treats her... after watching Happy Together, she doesn't seem to be the type of woman that opens her heart easily to men.
(tn: The segment where Dara said that she makes sure she doesn't get drunk especially when she's around guys by taking a medicine/drink that keeps her sober and also hands it around to her friends.  This was brought up on certain portals like Instiz recently after the stabbing incident in Gangnam which sparked a lot of discussion on misogyny - portals criticized the male panels' reaction to Dara's reason of being single/not dating being that she doesn't get drunk around guys.)
- What the hell are you going on about ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both the guy and the girl need to have feelings for each other first.  It's not going to work if only one side likes the other.

3. [+354, -16]  They look like they're really close//

4. [+282, -16]  Dara's pretty~~~~~~

5. [+263, -26]  Relationships can easily go from friends to another thing when drinking's involved.  There's a good chance that one side is attracted to the other.

6. [+128, -1]  Jung Ilwoo, stop promoting in other countries and come back here to Korea.  I'll forget your face at this rateㅜㅜ

7. [+106, -2]  I really thought Jung Ilwoo was super handsome back in High Kick

8. [+116, -7]  Wish Jung Ilwoo would get super big~~

9. [+87, -3]  Both of them are such baby-faces~

10. [+72, -5]  Unnie... it's about time for you to have a dating scandal already...

11. [+60, -6]  Sandara's pretty and she seems to have a great personality

12. [+52, -4]  Hul, I love this kind of thing ㅜㅜ



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