G-Dragon asks fans to pray for Tianjin

Article: 'Big Bang G-Dragon expresses sorrow over Tianjin explosion... 'pray for Tianjin'
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+2663, -42]  I hope nothing like that ever happens again... ㅠㅠ

2. [+2115, -41]  Rest in peace

3. [+2090, -35]  It looked very serious when I watched the video footage... hope no one ever has to experience that again

4. [+1969, -315]  GD's awesome... he has talent and a kind heart.. I'm praying for those affected

5. [+1856, -245]  Oh, GD's cool for posting this.  RIP

6. [+328, -36]  GD either always posts a supporting message on his SNS or donates when an event like this happens...  praying for the many people affected

7. [+283, -33]  There's been a lot of other instances like stage outfits, drug controversies... but GD's never been in a controversy for his manners or words.  It might seem like he's above others with that talent and popularity but on broadcast and outside of broadcast, he's always polite and well-mannered.  His character and the way he carries himself is surprising

8. [+238, -26]  This is why Big Bang songs turn out well and they're kind ㅋㅋ RIP



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