[Instiz] YG trainee Kim Jisoo close friends with Twice's Im Nayeon

"Both are said to be good friends"

Source: Instiz

[1] "Heol...? I want to see them together ㅠ  I'm a big fan of both"

[2] "Look at these pretty beings hanging out together~"

[3] "They remind me of Sandara and Suzy"

[4] "Both of them have heart-shaped lips~"

[5] "Heol?  Good friends?  That's unusual to hear!  And doesn't Kim Jisoo look like Kara's Han Seungyeon?"

[6] "It's true.  Both are close.  Nayeon even mentioned Jisoo in her Thanks To!"
(Nayeon's Thanks To: Jisoo who I contact 24/7!")

[7] "Jisoo, when are you going to debut?"

[8] "Can Jisoo debut so we can publicly see their friendship?"

[9] "I wonder how they got close...  Did they train together or something?"

[10] "YG, can you debut your kids already?"



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