iKON's Bobby receives more praises for his kind deed

Article: iKON's Bobby spotted doing a heart-warming deed
Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+268, -2]  How kind of him.  Usually, people would just pass by without doing anything

2. [+256, -1]  It's nice to see that more people are getting to know about Jiwon's heart of gold that only the fans were aware of before ㅋㅋ

3. [+250, -2]  He's dressed in hip-hop attire but you can tell from his bows and greetings that he's good-natured ㅋㅋ How pretty

4. [+237, -1]  Bobby's so heart-warming.  It's easy to think about helping someone but actually going out and doing it is the hard part

5. [+221, -1]  I fell for Henry when I saw him do a kind deed for an old lady as well, will I fall for iKON's Bobby this time?  I've always liked their songs but to see him also do nice things like this... it's heartwarming.  Love you

6. [+122, 0]  Bobby's past right from when he was in elementary school, to his adolescent days, and up until he became an adult...everything's on the internet ㅋㅋ All of the comments he left, his Cyworld account, Youtube comments, and even his Naver questions and answers were revealed and not one of them were malicious or negative.  Good job Bobby.  Hope you receive a lot of luck for your kind heart...

7. [+108, 0]  A deed like that isn't easy for me to do... As a kid, I've always thought you had to help in those situations but now that I'm an adult, there's a lot of instances where I catch myself thinking about whether I should or notㅜㅜ  I'm scared that people around me will think I'm overdoing it... whereas Bobby steps right in to do that sort of thing.  He's younger than me but it seems like he grew up better than I did

8. [+105, 0]  Thank you.  You make me proud every single day



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