G-Dragon praised for unrivalled aura

Article: 'Asian Sensation'... G-Dragon's unrivalled aura
Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+4344, -200]  Seriously, it'd be super difficult for someone to catch up to him if they tried to

2. [+3321, -168]  As expected of God-Dragon, he's fitting for Asia's top

3. [+2783, -130]  He really is unrivalled.  Hope GD would release a song...

4. [+2752, -138]  Wow he's cool~ and he's not even a professional model either

5. [+1115, -54]  Wow, this guy's seriously incredible.  Who's going to earn money for YG when he enlists in the army.....

6. [+1101, -77]  That kind of idol raises his own country's quality.

7. [+906, -50]  No matter what people say about him, GD's really Asia's one top... he's awesome.  His specialty's not modelling either but he's got a daebak aura to him.

8. [+858, -48]  Good-looking and cool (thumbs up)

9. [+903, -96]  I bet there's no one who really hates G-Dragon in Korea.  Except for those who feel inferior to him and want to put him down, losers, and 'keyboard warriors'.

10. [+740, -47]  What do you expect me to do if you look at me with such a sexy stare ㅠㅠㅠ♥♥



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