[Instiz] Recent photos of YG trainee Kim Jisoo

Post: YG Kim Jisoo's recent whereabouts
Source: Instiz

[1] She has a face of an actress rather than an idol
- Hul, she's not an actress...?  I thought she was...

[2] Jisoo's already done everything except for debuting... Jisoo-ya, let's debut already

[3] They're really pushing her.  Seems like YG likes her a lot

[4] She has a really pretty 'actress' face

[5] Her face is very pretty

[6] Jisoo-ya.... your make-up... what'd they do... she still looks pretty though

[7] I've seen her around a lot already that to me it feels like she's already made her debut

[8] When's the new girl group going to debut, YG?

[9] When will she make her debut?  I really want to see what she's like on stage!!

[10] I really hope she's a great singer



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